06 Jul 2015

Prep | Sports Results

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Sports Results


1st    vs Lilfordia           won 20-14

2nd   vs Milestone Prep won 25-24

3rd   vs Lilfordia          lost 14-31

Colts A vs Lilfordia won 40-7

Colts C vs Lilfordia won 14-7

Joshua Covill was awarde a medal by the SouthAfrican Sharks Academy representative for the best three quarter Colts Rugby player at the Springvale Rugby festival.



Grade 3A and B vs Borrowdale.

Grade 3A won  2-1

Grade 3B drew 0-0



Colts A  Vs Lilfordia  won   6-1

Colts B  Vs Lilfordia  drew 2-2

Colts C  Vs Lilfordia  won  7-0

Colts D  Vs Lilfordia drew  1-1

Colts A  Vs Twin Rivers won  4-0

Colts B  Vs Twin Rivers  drew 1-1

Colts C  Vs Twin Rivers  won 2-1

Colts D  Vs Twin Rivers  won 2-0


Grade 4 Hockey

A  lost 1-2

B drew 1-1

C lost   0-2

D lost   0-2

E won   3-0