29 Jun 2015

Prep | Sports Results

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Sports Results


1st         Vs  Hartmann House   won  17-7

2nd        Vs  Hartmann House   won  22-0

3rd         Vs  Hartmann House   won 50-0

Colts D Vs Hartmann House  won 43-0

1st         Vs Gateway  won  19-14

2nd        Vs Gateway  won 19-0

3rd         Vs Gateway  won 72-0

Colts A Vs Gateway  won 42-0

Colts B  Vs Gateway won  52-0

Colts C   Vs Gateway won 47-0

Colts D   Vs Gateway won 32-0



The following boys were selected to participate in the U13 Boys IPT team going to South Africa to represent Zimbabwe : Nicholas Paul in the A team. Ryan Dean and Kameran Jinnah in the B team.



Grade 3 A  vs Lucitania won 4-1

Grade 3 B   vs Lucitania won 4-0

Grade 3 fixture vs St Michaels

A  won 2-0

B   won 2-0

C  won 1-0

D  drew 0-0

E  lost 1-0

F  lost 3-0

Grade 3 C vs Sharon drew 0-0

Grade 3 D vs Sharon drew 0-0