18 Jun 2018

Prep | Sports Results 8 June 2015

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Sports Results

Our boys played various Rugby Matches this week and the results are as follows:

2nd Team vs Borrowdale drew 10-10
Colts A vs Heritage won 42-0
Colts B vs Alex Park Colts A won 31-5
Colts C vs Heritage Colts B won 22-5
Colts D vs Alex Park Colts B won 26-10
Grade 4A vs Heritage won 27-0

Our Colts A and C played West ridge School this week and the results were as follows:
Colts A vs Westridge drew 1-1
Colts C vs Westridge Colts B won 3-1

Grade 3 soccer boys had a tough round of fixtures against Highlands which we manage to prevail. The results were as follows:
Grade 3A won 2-1
Grade 3B won 1-0 

Benjamin Doran got 1st place in the PW 50 Class in the Motocross bog wheelers race.