17 Jun 2015

Prep | Sports Results

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Sports Results


Super 8 Festival Results

Vs Heritage      won  10-0

Vs Highlands  won 10-5

Vs Hellenic     won 27-0

Vs Hartmann (Semi Finals)  won 3-0

Vs Eaglesvale (Final)  lost 5-19



1st         Vs Wise Owl   won 3-0

2nd          Vs  Wise Owl  won 4-0

Colts A   Vs Wise Owl won 3-2

Colts B    Vs Wise Owl won 9-0



1st   Vs Alex Park  won 3-0



Vs Twin Rivers  lost 2-8



Ben Oberholzer competed in the Gauteng Bmx series in Johannesburg at the weekend.  He won all his heats and got 2 gold medals in the finals.


Mountain Biking

In the Spur Inter Schools series hosted by Hellenic Academy on Friday 12th June 2015

Grades 1-4

Luke Rooney 1st

Ton Brien 2nd

Sprogs Boys Grades 5-7

Ethan Ellse 1st