11 Mar 2015

Prep | Sports Results

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Sports Results


Cross Country

Sharon Cross Country

U9                                                                               U10

Jayden Percivel           16                                            James Barbour             14


U11                                                                             U12

Ryan Wilde                 2                                              Tadiwa Madya            4

Thabo Ndhlovu           17                                            Ben Selby                    10

William Schroenn        14

Joshua Liddle              15



Arian Tarr                    11

Ryan Dean                  12

Daniel Schoenenberger 20





11/02 Colts B 108 for 5 Hartmann House 28 all out SJP won by 80 runs
Colts C 49 for 2 Hartmann House 45 for 6 SJP won by 8 wickets
Colts D 133 for 6 Hartmann House 56 for 9 SJP won by 77 runs
12/02 Colts A 116 for 7 Hartmann House 75 for 9 SJP won by 41 runs
3rd Team 101 for 6 Hartmann House 55 for 6 SJP won by 66 runs
5th Team Did not bat Pathway 115 for 6 Match rained off
13/02 1st Team 131 for 3 Hartmann House Did not bat Match rained off
14/02 Colts A 133 for 7 Ruzawi 134 for 6 SJP lost by 4 wickets
Colts B 43 for 4 Ruzawi 39 all out SJP won by 6 wickets
Colts C 82 for 7 Ruzawi 81 all out SJP won by 3 wickets
Colts D 47 for 6 Ruzawi 46 for 8 SJP won by 4 wickets
1st Team 154 for 7 Ruzawi 197 for 4 SJP lost by 43 runs
2nd Team 90 for 1 Ruzawi 89 for 6 SJP won by 9 wickets
3rd Team 54 all out Ruzawi 56 for 5 SJP lost by 2 runs
4th Team 116 for 5 Ruzawi 56 all out SJP won by 60 runs
16/02 Colts A 58 for 8 Lilfordia 57 all out SJP won by 2 wickets
Colts C 100 for 6 Lilfordia B 95 for 9 SJP won by 5 runs
17/02 4th Team 75 for 5 Lilfordia 2nd Team 45 all out SJP won by 30 runs




Mashonaland junior championships held at St John’s College on 7 & 8 February 2015.


Ryan Franceys Boys 10-11 years

Stroke Medal
Freestyle Relay Silver


Ryan Franceys Boys 11-12 years

Stroke Medal
Medley Relay Silver



Zimbabwe Senior National Championships Gala held in Bulawayo from 19 – 23 February 2015.


Christian Cullen Boys 12 and under age group

Stroke Medal
100m Butterfly Gold
50m Freestyle Silver
50m Butterfly Silver
400m Freestyle Bronze
100m Freestyle Bronze
200m Mixed Medley Relay Silver
400m Freestyle Relay Gold
400m Medley Relay Gold
200m Freestyle Relay Gold

Graham Hoal

Stroke Medal
200m Medley Relay Gold
400m Medley Relay Gold
200m Freestyle Relay Gold
400m Freestyle Relay Gold
200m Backstroke Gold
100m Backstroke Silver
100m Freestyle Silver
50m Backstroke Silver
200m Individual Medley Silver
50m Freestyle Silver
200m Freestyle Bronze
50m Butterfly Bronze

Graham was runner up for the Best Aggregate Trophy in his age group.

He has also been named Vice Captain for the Mashonaland junior swimming team taking part in the Zimbabwe Junior National Championships mid-March at Gateway School.



On Sunday 15 February, 6 boys travelled to Peterhouse for the second archery tournament of the year. We won the junior schools’ competition with Daniel Johnson coming first and Graeme du Plooy as runner up. Each team member received a certificate with the two winners getting extra ones for their efforts. We beat Chisipite by 75 points and Hellenic by 12 points. We lost to Hellenic by 9 points in the last tournament! Many thanks to Mrs Monty and the boys, Thursday practices are paying off!


A Team Score Rank  
Daniel Johnson 272/300 1 Best  A Team Archer
Graeme Du Plooy 269/300 2 Runner up best Archer A Team
Huntley Masterson 245/300 3
Hassan Ezzedine 237/300 4
Sean Pickworth 216/300 5
Bradley Hockey 201/300 6




Cameron Mellor participated in the Chisipite junior duathlon held on Friday the 13th of February at Chisipite junior school and came 3rd.


Ben Oberholzer won 3 gold medals in the under 10 boys’ category at the Interprovincial BMX Championships held in Bulawayo over the half term weekend.