29 May 2018

Prep | Sports Results

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Sports Results


Our boys took part in the Gateway Coaches festival. It was a good start to the season. 1st team played 5 won three and drew two. They won 5-0 against Hartmann House, Drew 5 all with Ruzawi , Drew 5 all with Eaglesvale. We won 10 – 0 against Alex Park and won 5-0 against Gateway. The Colts a played 5, they won 4 and lost 1. They lost 10-5 to Gateway, Won 35-0 against Alex Park, won 15-5 against Eaglesvale, won 20-0 against Ruzawi and we ended the Festival with a 30-0 win against Hartmann House.


We also took part in the Gateway Coaches Festival. Our 1st team was missing their main players who are part of the Rugby team. We found it tough against main first teams of other Schools. We won 1 and lost 4 games. The soccer Colts boys played 4 games. Won 3 and lost 1.

Our Grade 3 soccer team played their first match against Hellenic and they won 5-0. It was a great start to represent the School.


The Chess team started the season in style. A team won 7 ½ – 2 ½ against Twin Rivers and the B team won 6-4 against Bishopslea.


St John’s were runner up to Hellenic at the St Georges College Archery competition. Ivan He was best junior boy and broke the record and shot 294. The record was held by Daniel Johnson.