27 Oct 2017

Sports Results




1st vs Ruzawi, SJP 121/6, Ruzawi 120/8. SJP won by 4 wickets

2nd vs Ruzawi, SJP 112/8, Ruzawi 111 all out. SJP won by 8 wickets

3rd vs Ruzawi, SJP 45/2, Ruzawi 44 all out. SJP won 8 wickets

Colts B vs Ruzawi, SJP 111/9, Ruzawi 110/4. SJP won by 1 wickets

Colts B vs Hartmann House, SJP 90/4, Hartmann House 88/.4 SJP won by 6 wickets

Colts C vs Ruzawi, SJP 83/4, Ruzawi 83/4. SJP won by 6 wickets

Colts D vs Hartmann House, SJP 44 all out, Ruzawi 45/3. SJP lost by 7 wickets

Colts D vs Ruzawi, SJP 73 all out, Ruzawi 74/2. SJP lost by 8 wickets


Our Colts A took part in the Hellenic Day and Night Cricket festival. The results were as follows: won against Twin Rivers and Hartmann House and we lost to Ruzawi. We went on to play for the third and fourth and won the match against Hellenic. We came 3rd overall.



We played Lewisam Primary School, B team won 2-0 and the A team won 2-0.



Our 2nd team played Bishopslea Girl and St John’s won 7-5. 1st team played Hartmann House and we lost 5-7.


Pipe Band

Christopher Dewar took part in the College Pipe Band in the Drum Pad.