28 Jul 2017

Sports Results


This week was the last one for the season playing Hartmann House. Our Colts teams played extremely well. Colts C won 48-0, Colts B won 37-0 and Colts A won 63-0. Colts A, B and C were unbeaten this season. At senior level the games were very exciting, 3rd won 10-7, 2nd won 10-5 and 1st lost 3-19. The first team have been very exceptional, they are the first team in many years to just loose one game in both the season full games and festivals the whole season.


Our senior and junior Hockey teams played their final season matches against Ruzawi. Colts results were as follows: Colts A won 2-0, Colts B won 2-1, Colts C won 3-0, Colts D won 5-0 and Colts E won 6-0. The seniors achieved the following results 1st won 2-0, 2nd won 2-1 and 3rd won 5-0. Grade 4s fielded 3 teams playing Lilfordia School this week, C team won 2-0, B team won 3-0 and A team lost 0-1.


Grade 3 A played Borrowdale Primary this week in an exciting match and they won 5-0.