09 Feb 2016

Prep | Sports Results

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Sports Results


Falcon Cricket Festival

SJP vs Petra –  SJP  92/3 , Petra 74/4 SJP won by 18 runs

SJP vs Vic Falls – SJP 75/8, Vic Fall 24/4 SJP won by 51 runs

SJP vs Springvale – SJP 79/5, Springvale 57/5, SJP won by 22runs

SJP vs Lilfordia   – SJP 56/8  , Lilfordia  55/5, SJP won by 1 run

SJP vs Whitestone – SJP 64/6, Whitestone 41/7, SJP won by 23runs

Super overs

SJP lost to Ruzawi by 3 runs

SJP lost to Hartmann by 4 runs






1st Place – Ethan Ridley

2nd Place – Daniel Erasmus



1st Place – Mikaeel Hassim

2nd Place – Devon Clack

3rd Place – Gavin Crawford




Mashonaland Senior Team 2016

The following boys were selected to participate in Bulawayo in a weeks time:

Josh Covill

Callum Davis

Ryan Franceys

Connor Malloch-Brown

Joshua Martell

Andrew Robins

In the Mashonaland Junior Swimming Championship boys have the following results:

Joshua Martell   Bronze 50m Butterfly

Gold Freestyle Relay

Gold Medley Relay


Matipa Mawere- Gold 25m  Breaststroke

Silver 50m Freestyle

Silver 100m Individual Medley

Bronze 25m Backstroke

Gold Medley Relay 11yrs

Gold Freestyle Relay 11yrs

Silver Freestyle Relay 10yrs