20 Sep 2018

Prep | Sports Results 18 September 2018

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Our Grade 4A Team have their first match of the season against St. Michael’s Colts A.

St. John’s batted first and were 111 for 1

Fergus Dorward 26 runs
Jude Rudland 15 not out
Shaylen Parmar 17 not out

St Michael’s were 27 all out.
Shaylen Parmar – 4 for 10 runs
Raif Jinnah – 4 for 1 run.


Our 1st team and 2nd Team had their first tennis matches of the season.
1st Team played Hellenic 1st Team winning 7-5
2nd Team played Gateway 1st Team winning 9-3.


Congratulations to Zayaan Essof. He won The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition. It is the world’s oldest schools’ International writing completion, managed by The Royal Commonwealth Society since 1883. Every year, it offers all Commonwealth youth aged 18 and under the opportunity to express their hopes for the future, opinions of the present, and thoughts on the past, through the written word. In 2018, 12000 young people from across the Commonwealth entered the competition. This year’s theme invited young people to share their ideas on the on the topic of “Towards a Common Future”.