29 Sep 2015

Prep | Sports Results

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Sports Results


  1st Team 70 for 1 Gateway 69 all out SJP won by 9 wickets
  2nd 183 for 3 Gateway 63 all out SJP won by 120 runs
  3rd 34 for 1 Gateway 32 all out SJP won by 9 wickets

4th                 42 for 0       Gateway                40 all out      SJP won by 10 wickets


Daniel English Brown played InterSchools Golf Tournament with the College and did extremely well.


Pipe Band

Brandon Rodrigues came 1st in the Beginner Category.

Toby French has been made a Private in the Pipe Band.

Shaan Patel tppk part in the Annual Pipe Band Quiach competition and won the following:


  • Snare Drum Pad Trophy
  • Best Junior Tenor Shield
  • Ranked a Private in the band.