14 Jul 2015

Prep | Sports Results

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Sports Results


1st         vs     Ruzawi  lost   15-21

2nd        vs     Ruzawi won  17-14

3rd         vs    Ruzawi won  25-12

Colts A vs    Ruzawi lost 12-10

Colts B  vs   Ruzawi drew 28 all

Colts C  vs   Ruzawi lost 19-14

Colts D  vs   Ruzawi drew 33all

Grade 3A vs Ruzawi lost 0-12

Grade 3B vs Ruzawi  won 54-0

Grade 4A vs Pathway won 45-0



1st vs Twin Rivers won 1-0

2nd vs Twin Rivers won 2-0

3rd  vs Twin Rivers won 2-0

4th  vs Twin Rivers  won 1-0



Chess vs Sharon  won 5 ½ -4 ½



Daniel Johnson and Ben Oberholzer has been selected to ride for Zimbabwe at the BMX World Championship this coming week in Zolder Belgium.