10 Jul 2015

Prep | Sports Results

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Sports Results


1st   vs Highlands   won   61-0

2nd  vs Wise owl     won  32-7

3rd   vs Highlands   won  35-5

Colts A vs Highlands won  40-0

Colts B  vs Wise Owl won 19-14

Colts C  vs Highlands  won 30-0

Colts D  vs Wise Owl   won 31-24



Grade 3A  lost 0-1

Grade 3B  won 2-1



1st      vs    Hartmann House  won 3-0

2nd     vs    Hartmann House  drew 1-1

3rd      vs    Hartmann House  won 1-1

4th      vs    Hartmann House   won 6-0

1st       vs    Lilfordia                won  1-0

1st       vs  Lendy Park              drew 1-1

2ns     vs  Lendy Park              drew 1-1

Colts A  vs Hartmann House won 3-2

Colts B   vs Hartmann House drew 2-2

Colts C   vs Hartmann House  lost 3-2

Colts D   vs Hartmann House  won 2-0

The following boys were selected for the Harare Provincial Selection :

Harare A – Mathew Welch , Dean Gibbs, Ryan Dean, Richard Hounsell, Daniel Erasmus, Connor Grant

Harare B – Liam Jones



The following boys took part in Squash tournament in SouthAfrica. Kameran Jinnah – won 4 out of 8 matches. Nicholas Paul won 2 out of 8 matches ND Ryan Dean won 1 and lost 4.