01 Jul 2013

Prep | Community Round-up

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Sports Results


Colts   A 42 Gateway 0 SJP   won 26   June
Colts   B 14 Gateway 14 Drew
Colts   C 26 Gateway 5 SJP won
Colts   D 21 Gateway 5 SJP won
1st   Team 13 Gateway 5 SJP won 25 June
2nd   Team 43 Gateway 0 SJP won



Grade   3A 3 St   Micheals 2 SJP   won 26   June
Grade   3B 0 St   Micheals 0 Drew
Grade   3C 1 St   Micheals 1 Drew
Grade   3D 0 St   Micheals 1 SJP lost
Grade   3E 1 St   Micheals 0 SJP won
Grade   3F 0 St   Micheals 0 Drew



2nd   Team 1 Gateway 0 SJP   won 26   June
3rd   Team 7 Gateway 0 SJP   won
Colts   A 2 Gateway 0 SJP won 27 June
Colts   B 5 Gateway 1 SJP won



Rukudzo Hamadziripi of 2N took part in the select Health junior tennis tournament over the fixture free weekend. He and his partner won the doubles section and he came 3rd in the singles section.

Winter Inter Schools Dance Sport

Due to the effort of all the St John’s Prep dancers, the school was the overall best boys’ school in the completion and won a trophy for their efforts.

St John’s Prep was also adjudged the winner overall in the junior school section.