23 Mar 2015

Prep | Community Round-Up

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School News


Head of Choir: Johannes Olivier

Deputy Head of Choir: Thandeka Mpofu

Senior Colours

Munotida Madziro (re-award ®)

Daliso Mwanza

Anotida Chimutsa ®

Mandla Msipa ®

Takudzwa Zinyengere ®

Rebokile Mhlanga

Johannes Olivier ®

Thandeka Mpofu ®


Junior Colours

Joseph Mashika®


World Book Day

New Words Competition

The following boys’ created words won the competition in which they had to come up with a new word and its definition:

Batsirayi Chingwena 5S – Lumpatious meaning happy or jumpy

Masimba Chigumira 7S – Lofini meaning to become addictive about reading

Abdul Sheikh 5S – Flabelicious meaning very surprised

Jake Humphreys 7E – Wonkaholic meaning mad about Wonka bars

Jacob Mitchell 5E – Doodlepop meaning small but cool

Thomas Judson 4E – Squiggytastick meaning amazing

Sports Results


St John’s Prep friendly Athletics meet held on 12 March 2015 at 2pm

1st place – St John’s Prep 110 points

2nd place – Heritage 58 points

3rd place – Barwick 44 ½ points

4th place – Gateway 35 points

5th place – Pathway 22 points