02 Jun 2017

Prep | Community Round-Up

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Sports Results


We opened the season playing Alex Park with our first team. The boys played brilliant and structured Rugby. The game was good to watch. The results were as follows:

1st vs Alex Park won 51-0

2nd vs Borrowdale School 1st won 5-0

Colts A vs Alex Park won 55-5

Colts B vs Borrowdale School Colts A won 30-10



Our Hockey teams are playing well this term. We played Ruzawi this week at both senior and junior level. Our colts also played Hellenic.The results are as follows:

1st vs Ruzawi won 2-0

2nd vs Ruzawi won 2-0

3rd vs Ruzawi drew 0-0

Colts A vs Ruzawi won 8-1

Colts B vs Ruzawi lost 1-3

Colts C vs Ruzawi lost 1-3

Colts D vs Ruzawi won 4-0

Colts E vs Ruzawi won 6-0



It was a very entertaining afternoon watching our Grade 3s playing their first ever match for the School against Lucitania. They played with great determination, B team won 3-0 and A team won 8-0.



Fabio Kelly took part in his first National competition on the 21st of May and he won a trophy. Well done Fabio.