11 Nov 2016

Sports Results



Captains for Cricket 2016- Captain Daniel Erasmus, Vice Captains Andrew Robinson and Liam Potgieter.



1st vs Twin River – SJP 74/2, Twin Rivers 73/8, SJP won by 8 wickets

2nd  vs Alex Park  – SJP 81/4 , Alex Park 85/6  SJP won by 4 wickets

3rd   vs Twin Rivers- SJP 123/5, Twin Rivers 98/9 SJP won by 25 runs

4th vs Alex Park 2nd -SJP 163/4, Alex Park 96 all out SJP won 67 runs

Colts A vs Twin River – SJP 94 , Twin Rivers 91 all out, SJP won by 10 wickets

Colts B vs Alex Park – SJP 121/3, Alex Park 83/3,SJP won 37 runs

Colts C vs Twin Rivers- SJP 145/5, Twin Rivers 48 all out, SJP won by 97 runs

Colts D vs Alex Park – SJP 51/2, Alex Park 48 all out, SJP won 8 wickets

Grade 4A vs Maranatha- SJP 38/6, Maranatha 39/2, SJP won by 8 wickets

Grade 4B vs Maranatha – SJP 177/2, Maranatha 29/9, SJP won by 148 runs



The following boys got Service Colours for helping with the grade 3s, monitoring during the mornings and assembly for more than one term; Shaan Patel and Rowan Nagar

Liam Jones got Full Colours in Triathlon.



Liam Jones has been participating in the Zimbabwe Triathlon events in U13 and is currently leading his age group and he is up for Zimbabwe selection early 2017.



Ethan Ridley and Sean Reilly were awarded certificates for passing their 5th grade Yellow Belt in Kyokushinkai Karate.