27 Sep 2016

Sports & Cultural Results


Falcon Cricket Festival

1st vs Gateway – SJP 64/2 Gateway 63 all out SJP won by 8 wickets

2nd vs Gateway – SJP 49/1, Gateway 48 all out SJP won by 9 wickets

3rd vs Gateway – SJP 34/0 Gateway 32 all out, SJP won by 10wickets

Colts A vs Gateway -SJP 53/5, Gateway  51 all out, SJP won by 8 wickets

Colts B   vs Gateway – SJP 110 all out, Gateway 49 all out, SJP won by 61 runs

Colts C vs Gateway- SJP 163/2, Gateway 103/6 SJP won by 60 runs


Allied Arts – Visual

There were great results from Allied Arts Visual. We achieved 17 honours, 32 first grades, 41 second grades and 2 third grades. The following boys were award Honours: Connor Chant, Yahaaa Ismael, Christian Murape, Alan Brent, Callum Smith, Rory Honey, Thomas Brien, Declan Mellor, Tawana Mangoma, Henri Wroe, Munangi Kamwendo, Zayan Hoosein, Nigel Mutazu, Joshua Martell and Huntley Masterson.

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