27 Jul 2016

Prep | Community Round-Up

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Sports Results


This past weekend we took part in the Ruzawi 7 Aside soccer and rugby tournament in which the same boys play both rugby and soccer. We won all the soccer pool game and lost 2 rugby games, five of our main rugby boys were in Bulawayo playing Interprovincial hockey hence we fielded a second stream side. We finished second in our pool. On the other side our Grade 3 rugby side played extremely well and posted the following results; won 10-5 against Gateway, won 25-5 against Eaglesvale, we beat Springvale 20-0. We went on to play Ruzawi in the semi-finals and won 15-0. We beat Gateway 15-0 in the finals. We were awarded a trophy and boys got personal medals.

We hosted our annual Grade 4 Rugby festival where we fielded two side. Both teams played extremely well. The results for the B team are as follows; won 15-5 against Heritage B, won 10-5 against Maranatha B and we beat Alex Park 10-5. On the A side we drew 5 all with Hartmann House, beat Gateway 10-0, won 30-5 against  Pathway and we finished the festival with a 10-5 win against a tough Lilfordia side What a fantastic way of ending the season.



In the Interprovincial Hockey we had six boys in the A side and one in the B team. The A side won 4 and drew 1 to emerge winners of 2016 Hockey Inter-provincials. We were well represented by Gary Wright-Goodale the goalkeeper, Liam Jones, Giordano Sarpo, Connor Grant, Daniel Erasmus and Salmaan Karimshah and Jacob Mitchell on the B side.



Byron Flight came first at BMX 11 year novice.



Huntley Masterson took part in the Archery World Championship in Drakensberg. His team won 2 silver medals in bulls eye and 3D animals, losing narrowly to South Africa. He shot personal best of 281, 280, 283 out of 300 and 50/50 in the final round.