22 Mar 2016


We took part in a Chess pre’season match against Gateway Primary. Our boys did extremely well. We won the match 12-3. Well done to our Chess team.


We sent a team to St George’s with the following boys ; Huntley Masterson, Graeme du Plooy, Ben Oberholzer , Hassan Ezzedine , Aiden Webster and Keegan Welsh. They only got to a shoot at 10m as it started raining. Graeme du Plooy got best Junior boys Archer with 140 out of 150 and Huntley Masterson was runner up only one point behind him with 139 points. As a School we were only 9 points behind Chisipite so we were runner up as a team.


We hosted a Duathlon meeting at St John’s which was a great afternoon. Mr Scott Jones did all the run around with the help of all the staff members. The results of our boys were as follows ; U9 – Lee Chigumba 1st

U10 – Daniel Erasmus 1st

U10 – Ethan Ridley   2nd

U12 – Sean Hovel 1st

U13- Liam Jones 1st

U13- Mika Hassim 3rd

Overall Results

Junior Boys 2nd  place Daniel Erasmas

Senior Boys 1st Liam Jones

3rd Mika Hassim


The following boys were graded at the Rolf Valley Gym;

Callum Moore     –   Yellow Belt

Hunter Moore     –    Green Belt

Sasha Jones        –    Third Orange Belt

Chase Uglietti    –     Yellow Belt

Bryce Honiball   –    First Orange Belt

Bookmark Competition

In the Bookmark Competition run through the Library as a celebration of our 60th the following boys were cut above the rest to design a bookmark ;

Grade 3, 4 and 5

Yemuro Dzinotyiweyi 3E, Callum Smith 3E, Muhammed Gaur 3S. Jonathan Dewar 3S, Manan Joshi 4S, Tawana Mangoma 4S, Daniel Erasmus 4N, Christopher Dewar 5S

Grade 6 and 7

Ayushi Joshi 6S, Mikael Hassim 7N, Abdul Smith 7N, Huntley Masterson 7S, Ryan Richards 7S, Ben Oberholzer 6E, Batsirayi Chingwena 6S, Nigel Mutazu 7E


We hosted the Inter-schools A Division athletics meeting. Our boys were on fire on this day as we managed to get a point in each and every race or field event with the exception of one relay team . We came 1st out of 4 top Athletics Schools including the Government Schools. Well done to our boys.

Pipe Band

For the Community roundup, Toby French, Shaan Patel and Brandon Rodrigues played with the College Pipe Band at the Eisteddfod Final Concert on Saturday night and Toby French was selected to play his snare drum solo at the Junior Highlights concert on Sunday morning. We gladly congratulate our boys for a great performance.