12 Jul 2016

Prep | Community Round-Up

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We had a great weekend of Rugby against Ruzawi. Our Grade 3A team and Colts D team played the opening matches. Colts D won comfortably 40-21 while Grade 3A had a tough encounter losing 35-24 in the last minutes of the game. Colts C won 26-20, Colts B won comfortably 31-19 with Colts A finishing off at the Colts field with a 28-14 win. At senior level our seconds came back very determined having lost the first away game, this time the battle was still on,  the score was tied at 17 all with 2 minutes to go and we managed to score in the corner to win the game 25-17. Our First team played exciting rugby.  The boys went into the game very determined, after the first encounter at Ruzawi was very close as they won by 2 points. The game ended 19-7 to St John’s.



Our boys are having a great season. We played Twin Rivers this Tuesday 4th won 4-0, 3rd won 4-0, 2nd  drew 1-1 and our 1st played brilliantly  leading 1 nil at halftime. We had a great second half scoring 5 and conceding one to finish the game with a 6-1 win.