08 Apr 2014

Prep | Community Round-up

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Sports Results


E.P.S.A Inter-schools Division 1 Athletics held at Hartmann House on Saturday 5th April 2014

Overall points and positions for the 6 participating schools were as follows:

  1. St John’s Prep       85 points
  2. Hartmann House   69 points
  3. David Livingstone 43 points
  4. Admiral Tait          40 points
  5. Houghton Park      33 points
  6. Ardbennie             10 points

Individual results for St John’s boys were:

U9 75m – M. Kamwendo came 3rd
U10 75m – J. Covill came 1st
U11 75m – N. Zvenyika came 2nd
U12 100m – T. Gwata came 1st
U13 100m – C. Kawodza came 4th
U11 High Jump – D. Anderson came 1st and C. Grant came 2nd
U12 High Jump – T. Madake came 1st and D. Gibbs came 4th
U13 High Jump – J. Ford came 2nd and M. Palmer came 4th
U11 Jong Jump – M. Ruredzo came 2nd
U12 Long Jump – T. Gwata came 1st and R. Dean came 4th
U13 Long Jump – T. O’riordan came 3rd
U12 Hurdles – K. Wilke came 3rd
U13 Hurdles – C. Higgins came 4th
U9 400m – R. Shenje came 1st
U11 400m – D. Erasmus came 1st
U12 800m – T. Gwata came 1st
U13 800m – T. O’riordan came 4th
U9 Relay – 1st
U10 Relay – 3rd
U11 Relay – 1st
U12 Relay – 1st

Special mention to Tafara Gwata for attaining three 1st positions in this competition, well done!


Zimbabwe National e-Ambassador’s Tournament held as Harare sports club

Aiden Jinnah reached the finals in the under 10 category ultimately taking 2nd place and he received a medal for his efforts. There were 21 boys from all over Zimbabwe taking part so a very big well done to Aiden.


Ben Oberholzer competed in the South African national age group championships held in Durban over the April 5 weekend. He won two gold medals for his efforts there.