21 Oct 2014

The All Star Africa Archery Tournament held at The Rustenburg Civic Centre on the 10 and 11 of October 2014, which was hosted by NASP SA (National Archery in the Schools Program) was contested by Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. There were also two development teams from SA and Centre-Shot, a faith based archery club.

Team Zimbabwe consisted of 16 of the country’s best NASP archers, was augmented with the talents of St John’s Prep very own Daniel Jackson and Daniel Johnson.

To the amazement and disbelief of the hosts and the large partisan gallery watching the event, Zimbabwe managed to defeat Botswana and the seasoned team from Namibia to claim the Silver medal in the country standings. We were actually only beaten by SA3 by 15 points to watch them later win the entire competition. Our young well mannered and high spirited team drew compliments from the hosts and on lookers, with their ability to punch above their weight and were the tournament darlings for sure.

Personal best scores were logged by many of our Zim team, with Daniel Jackson being rated as the 14th best archer in the competition with him beating his own best scores consecutively. This is no small feat, when you factor in that SA has 130 schools participating in NASP, and this was their top 16 archers in the country. Zimbabwe is 4 years behind SA and only has 9 schools at present in the NASP program. An amazing experience and valuable learning curve with a huge amount of inspiration being drawn from the top SA archers who almost shot perfect scores. We have been given a date and will be in attendance next year to not only defend our position, but to challenge for the gold as well. Congratulations NASP Zimbabwe, you have made your families, schools and country very proud of this stellar effort and result.