20 May 2015

College | Community Round-Up

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Sports Results


We took part in the Gateway Coaches Festival in Colts A and 1st team and we achieved the following results.


Vs Gateway won    25-0

Vs Hellenic  won    5-0

Vs Heritage  won   15-10

Vs Eaglesvale won 5-0

Vs Hartmann  won  5-0



Vs Hartmann  won 5-0

Vs Eaglesvale Lost 10-5

Vs Hellenic     won 10-5

Vs Heritage    won 10-0

Vs Gateway   drew 5-5

Captain Mathew Welch and Vice Captain Nkosana Sikala



Vs     Alex Park      won 3-0

Vs     HIS                won 2-1

Vs     Eaglesvale     won 2-0

Vs    Twin Rivers    won 2-0

Vs    Hartmann        drew 1-1

1st Team

Vs   Alex Park        won 1-0

Vs  Twin Rivers     won 1-0

Vs  Avonlea           drew 0-0

Vs Gateway           won 2-0

Captain Ethan Kristiensen and Vice Captain Tanaka Madake



Travis Da Silva in 4E achieved the following results;

3rd in 50A Class

3rd in 65B Class



Charles Annesley was placed 2nd in the 10 and under age group sailing from the off-shore bridge at the end of Sailing School Regatta



vs Courtney Selous won 10-3