02 Feb 2016

Prep | Sports Results

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1st Team 128 for 1 Ruzawi 156 for 6 SJP lost by 30 runs
2nd Team 107all out Ruzawi 108 for 5 SJP lost by 5 wickets
3rd Team 48 for 7 Ruzawi 47 all out SJP won by 3 wickets
4th Team 103 for 4 Ruzawi 27 all out SJP won by 76 runs
4th Team 89 for 2 Wise Owl 85 all out SJP won by 8 wickets

Colts A 72 for 9 Ruzawi 130 for 2 SJP lost by 58 runs
Colts B 22 all out Ruzawi 107 for 3 SJP lost by 85 runs
Colts C 91for 3 Ruzawi 61 for 8 SJP won by 30 runs
Colts D 88 all out Ruzawi 95 for 2 SJP lost by 7 runs
Grade 4A 36 for 4 Heritage Colts A 32 for 6 SJP won by 6 wickets


In the Archery Tournament at Heritage the team came 2nd overall after Chisipite. The following boys were awarded Certificates.
Huntley Masterson
Jayden Flight
Keegan Welsh
Hassan Ezzedine
Aiden Webster
Muhammad Karimshah


In the Mashonaland Junior Squash Tournament the results of our boys were as follows:

Aiden Jinnah – Runner up U11
Daniel Bisset – Winner B Division U13
Daniel Bezuidenhout – 3rd U13
Nicholas Paul – Runner up U13


In the Gateway Inter-schools that took place on the 29th of January we did extremely well with Kyle Heyns coming 1st comfortably to win the U9 age group. Daniel Erasmus 2nd in U10, Tyde Stirrup 3rd in U11, Aidan Collocott 2 and Ryan Wild 3rd in U12, Daniel Erasmus 1st and Liam johns 3rd in U13. We Came 1st out of 8 Schools. We have won the Trophy 12 years in a row.