03 Jun 2015

Prep | Community Roundup

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Sports Result


League results

1st vs Hellenic         won 22-8

2nd vs Hellenic         won 58-0

Colts A vs Hellenic won 26-0

Colts B  vs Hellenic won 40-0

We took part in the Lilfordia Festival in Colts A and 1st team and we achieved the following results.


Vs Lomagundi  won    15-5

Vs Lilfordia      won    20-0

Vs Bryden        won     25-10

Vs Springvale   won    10-0

Vs Barwick       won    30-0



1st Team

Vs  Bryden       won 20-0

Vs Barwick      won 20-0

Vs Lomagundi won 20-5

Vs Lilfordia      won 10-5

Vs Springvale   lost  0-5


Gateway Endeavour Festival


Vs Hellenic     won   30-0

Vs Gateway    won   20-0

Vs Ruzawi       lost   10-5

Vs Hartmann  drew 5-5

2nd Team

Vs Eaglesvale   won  5-0

Vs Hartmann     drew 0-0

Vs Ruzawi         drew 5-5

Vs Gateway       won 15-0

Vs Hellenic        won 35-0



League game:

Colts A    vs Pathway   won 4-1

1st  Team  vs Pathway   won 4-0

We took part in the Gateway endeavour festival


Vs   Eaglesvale  won 2-0

Vs   Avonlea     won 1-1

Vs   Alex Park  won 3-0

Vs   Gateway   won 3-0

2nd  Team

Vs   Alex Park   won 2-1

Vs  Avonlea      drew  1-1

Vs  Hartmann    lost  1-0

Vs Eaglesvale    drew 1-1


Thabo Ndhlovu took part in the Ambassador Tournament and he came 2nd in the Singles.


We played Hallingbury School and we won 7 1/2 – 5 1/2


At Chisipite tournament we came 2nd in the Junior Schools Competition.