26 Feb 2012

Vainona High School and St John’s College project

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For the past few years St John’s College has been helping Vainona rugby with kit, transport and with paying for coaches to attend IRB Level one coaching courses in rugby.

This year St John’s, in conjunction with the headmaster of Vainona, has embarked on various projects to uplift the standard of sporting facilities at Vainona.  Projects that have already been completed include:

  1. Reviving a borehole that has been defunct for the past couple of years and redirecting this water into potable water for the school.
  2. Repairing the mainline hydrant which had been leaking for 3 years.  As a result of this leak the only working borehole has been working for 3 years non-stop. They had connected 4 sprinklers to the leaking hydrant and were also using the borehole for potable water.
  3. Repairs to the very old tractor and mower are in progress.  In the meantime St John’s has sent a tractor and mower to Vainona to cut the grass on the main field.
  4. Inspecting the integrity of the entire school’s water system and making repairs as necessary to reduce water leakage to zero ($500.00).
  5. Paying for two rugby coaches to lift the level of rugby being played.  St John’s have also paid for the rugby coaches at Vainona to do the IRB Level 1 coaching course.
  6. Donating sports equipment which includes 30 rugby balls and 100 cones.  St John’s also donated old hockey goals.
  7. Repainting four sets of rugby poles.

Projects that we hope to complete by the end of the year include:

  1. Installing a main pipeline so that the main field can be watered. ($6000.00)
  2. Purchase another tractor and mower as a spare for the very old ones that are presently there. ($18000.00)
  3. In November 2012 we would like to purchase instant lawn and plant this on the whole main field.
  4. Total refurbishment of the boys and girls change rooms and toilet/shower facilities.
  5. Purchase of small pick up so that we can do regular visits to the school for maintenance ($5000.00)

Long term projects include:

  1. Refurbishing eight tennis courts which are totally defunct. ($19000.00 each)
  2. Installing an astro turf hockey pitch that could be funded by St John’s, one other private school in the area and possibly a donor from the Vainona old boys.  This facility could then be shared amongst the 3 schools.
  3. Reviving the bottom field and putting in two new cricket turfs for summer and two soccer fields in winter, as well as installing irrigation.

In separate meetings with the Headmaster and the Minister for Sport and Education, both parties have fully endorsed this St John’s/Vainona initiative.

St John’s will administer any donations toward any of these projects.

St John’s will also supply coaches from the Coaching Science course that is run at the College to help at Vainona so that these facilities could be used to lift the level of sport at Vainona efficiently and timeously.


Mowing the Fields

Donating Equipment