14 Jun 2016

Dear Parents

Please find the weekly update below:

Week 7

Monday – Squash SJC B/E vs SGC C/E at SGC 3.15pm

Tuesday – No Squash – incorrect entry on Calendar

Wednesday – TAKKIE DAY

Football vs Watershed 1st and U16A at Watershed
Volleyball vs SGC – Has been moved to Thursday the 23rd of June at Home
Quiz at Eaglesvale – bus leaves at 1.45pm

School will close at 1.20pm on Wednesday for everyone not involved in the above activities.

Thursday – HALF TERM

Week 8

All boys to return to school by 07h10 on Tuesday 21st June, wearing number ones.

Tuesday – Squash SJC B/C vs Hellenic B/C at home 2.15pm

Wednesday – Squash SJC A/D vs Hellenic A/D at home 2.15pm

Thursday – Hockey vs PE U16A, 2nd and 1st team away – this has been moved due to the U19IPT in Bulawayo this weekend and U16 boys travelling to Kyle College

Friday – Hockey vs PE U14 and U15A at home vs PE
Football vs Lomagundi – 1st, 2nd and U16A at home
Rugby – 1st, 2nd and U16A to travel to Kyle college on Friday and return on Saturday afternoon. We will play the rugby games on Saturday morning at Kyle and return Saturday afternoon. The bus will leave here on Friday afternoon between 12 and 1pm.  We should be back between 5pm and 6pm on Saturday evening.

Saturday – Rugby vs Kyle – U14A, U15A and B – these games will be played at 0900 and 1000am on Saturday morning at the College to allow Kyle to travel back. The first team game at Kyle should start at 11am, I will let you know once we have been told.
Hockey – U19IPT
Volleyball – SGC Volleyball festival starting at 8am.

A program of events will be sent out next weekend with regards to the rugby vs Kyle and hockey and football vs PE and Lomagundi. Please note that the coaches for the U16 rugby and football will discuss who plays rugby and football that weekend, as they will not be able to do both due to travelling to Kyle.

The boys have been told about first team tracksuits. Many have placed their orders with me. Please note they have to pay by this Wednesday the 15th of June, so that I can send the order through. The cost of the tracksuit is $65.00. If they do not pay by the 15th of June they will have to wait until the end of the term for the next order.

Thank you very much and have a good two weeks.