07 Jul 2017

Dear Parents,

Please find below the weekend sports program for week 9 –Term 2 – 2017.

This is a huge weekend for the College and we would really appreciate all the support we can get.

Please note that all four 1st games will be a compulsory support for the boys.


Hockey at 16:00 v Hellenic


Football at 11:00 v Peterhouse

Hockey at 12:30 v Peterhouse

Rugby at 15:00 v Peterhouse

We have asked for a plate of eats please from the following teams;


U16 A’s and 2nds Hockey


U14 B & C Rugby
U15 A & B Rugby
U16 A & B Rugby
3rd’s, 2nd’s and 1st’s Rugby
3rd’s, 2nd’s and 1st’s Hockey
2nd’s and 1st’s Football

We are really look forward to a fantastic weekend of sport against Hellenic and Peterhouse on one of the busiest sporting weekends on our calendar. This will be the last home fixture for a number of our senior rugby and hockey players and we really hope it will be a memorable one for them.

As always, any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,
Steve Macdonald