08 Feb 2016

Week 5 updates

Monday – Squash A/B vs Watershed A/B away

Tuesday– Interhouse Volleyball

Squash SJC C/D vs Arundel A/B home

Wednesday – Volleyball vs P.E U1/U15, U16, 2nd and 1st team at home

Basketball vs Watershed at home, U14A, U15A, U16A,2nd and 1st team

Thursday – Squash SJC D vs Gateway A at Belgravia

Tennis – 1st team tennis vs St George’s at SGC

Friday – Basketball vs St Georges – U14, U15, U16A and B, 2nd team and 1st team at Home – compulsory support

Tennis vs St George’s – U14A and U15A at SGC, U16A at home

Cricket vs St George’s  – 1st team T20 at St Johns starting at 1400.

Saturday – Cricket vs St George’s – U14, U15, U16A and 1st team away at SGC starting at 9am

U14, U15, U16B and 2nd team playing at home starting at 9am

Volleyball – SGC U20 tournament for 1st team

Swimming – friendly gala at PE starting at 2pm

All teams that are playing at home this week to please make sure that you bring eats to the fixture.

The basketball should finish at 5pm on Friday – please understand that with timeouts and so forth during the games before and the 1st team game, it might end a little bit later.