21 Jun 2016

College | Upcoming for Week 8

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Good Afternoon Parents

Please see the new update for week 8 due to exams happening across many schools:

Tuesday  – Squash has been postponed until further notice

Wednesday – Squash has been postponed

Rugby vs Allan Wilson – U14B and U16B. Games will be played on Honey B field starting at U14B at 1430 and U16B at 1530.

Thursday – hockey for U16A, 2nd and 1st team has now been moved to Wednesday the 29th of June at PE school

Friday– fixtures stay the same for JNR hockey here at St John’s vs PE and rugby vs Kyle – U14A, U15A/B at home, with U16A, 2nd and 1st team away

Hockey times on Friday

U14A at 1400

U15B at 1400

U15A at 1500


Rugby vs Kyle on Saturday


U14A at 0900

U15B at 0900

U15A at 0950


At Kyle

U16A at 0830

2nd at 0930

1st at 1045


We hope to leave Kyle at 1230 on Saturday to get back here before 6pm.

Ross Nel

Sports Administrator