22 Jan 2014

Wednesday 22nd January
Basketball : SJC vs Peterhouse (all teams at home)
Chess : SJC vs St Georges (away)
Squash : SJC D vs Peterhouse (Home) SJC A vs Zim Squash Academy (away)

6th Form Induction Ceremony in Hall at 6 pm : Staff to be seated on stage.

Thursday 23rd January
Form 4 DAT Session in Hall (105 desks and chairs) 7.30 – 1pm : Hall

Friday 24th January
Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A Level results are expected to be released on Friday.
IGCSE results will be issued to L6 at the end of Period 2 in the Hall. Those who have not cleared their books will not receive their results.
AS results will be released to U6 in the Hall after sports assembly (10.30 am). They will resume lessons after break as normal.
A level results will be released to former U6 students from the Exams Office (Mr Chirewa) from10.00 am.
Former U6 students are to collect and sign for their school magazines (2103) at the same time.

Basketball : SJC St John’s High (Home)
Cross Country : vs Watershed (away) TBC
Tennis : SJC vs Peterhouse
Volleyball : SJC vs St Georges (Home)
Waterpolo : Local matches :U15/U17 B & C

Saturday 25th January
Cricket : SJC vs Peterhouse
Waterpolo : Bruce Kennedy

Sunday 26th January
Cricket : SJC vs Falcon (home)
Golf : Inter-schools at Country Club – Bulawayo