27 Jan 2017

College | Sports Programme 27 January 2017

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Dear Parents,

Please see below the programme for this weekend’s Sport Fixtures.

Please note that once again we are at the weather’s mercy for fixtures.

A decision on Tennis fixtures will be taken at 13:00 today.

A decision on Cricket fixtures will be taken at 14:00 today. Fixtures scheduled to be at St John’s will definitely not be happening. We are waiting on word from Prince Edward as to the state of their pitches but as I am sure you will agree, it is not looking very positive at the time of writing.

However we have booked the indoor facility at Howzat Academy for the A teams and 2nd’s to play Indoor Cricket against Prince Edward. The indoor centre was flooded on Wednesday evening with the heavy rains the Brooke area experienced. They are currently vacuuming the water out of the centre and they are fairly confident that we will get to play. We will be in touch with them at 14:00 to get confirmation from them that we can play.

Waterpolo will continue as per program.

A decision on Golf will be taken this afternoon at 16:00 .

The boys are all on WhatsApp groups and messages of confirmation will be sent to them.

Should you have any queries or require any further clarification please do not hesitate to contact me at sports@stjohns.co.zw.

Kind regards,

Steve Macdonald

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