01 Dec 2011

Lindsay receives St John’s Cross Award

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This award serves to recognize the extraordinary talents and achievements of a sportsman who, ever since he was at the Preparatory School, has excelled in no fewer than five sporting disciplines: athletics, cricket, hockey, rugby and tennis in three of which he has had national representation at the College. Before that, at St John’s Prep, he already played Mashonaland A schools rugby and Zimbabwe U13 cricket.

In form one, apart from being in the U14 A teams in athletics, cricket, hockey, rugby and tennis, he once more represented
Zimbabwe at cricket, this time at the U14 level. In forms two and three in addition to being in the U15A and U16A teams in
all these sports, he was also the tennis captain. More signifi cantly, however, whilst in form 3, he played four games for the 1st XI cricket managing an impressive batting average of 60 even at that young age.

By the time he reached form four, he played not only U17A cricket and hockey, but also represented the College first teams in both these sports. He was, moreover, in that year, the athletics Victor Ludorum, establishing a school high jump record of 10.92m. Last year, in lower sixth, he was not only the athletics Victor Ludorum once more, but also received athletics half colours. In 1st XI cricket, he once more received the Best Fielder Cup and in addition, most prestigiously, was chosen for the U19 cricket tour to Namibia. In hockey, in 2009, apart from receiving hockey colours, he represented the Zimbabwe U18A team.

In this his fi nal year, in addition to playing both 1st XV rugby and 1st XV cricket, he was the cricket captain in the third term and played for Zimbabwe in both sports: for Zimbabwe schools U18A rugby and for the Zimbabwe U19 World Cup Squad in cricket. For these phenomenal achievements in a wide variety of sports and most particularly, for his national representation in three of them, namely, cricket, hockey and rugby, the St John’s Cross is awarded to Andrew Lindsey