29 Jun 2016

College | SJC vs Peterhouse 2-7-16

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Good Day St John’s Parents

Please see below the fixtures that we have been sent by Peterhouse for this weekend.

The buses will leave from St John’s at 6.30am on Saturday morning, (First and Second teams at 11.00am). Depending on traffic we will return by 6.30pm on Saturday evening.
All boys should travel in full tracksuit, except for the Senior First teams who will travel in number ones.
There is a high chance that Peterhouse will be cold in the morning and late afternoon, so boys may wear their fleeces UNDERNEATH their tracksuit top only.

Boys will be allowed to travel back with their parents at the END of the First team rugby match. If any boy would like to travel back with his friends, please be reminded that he must show a letter from you to his coach giving your permission. No letter will mean boys travel on the bus. This is for safety purposes.

Thank you very much, and we look forward to your support out at Peterhouse.

U14B Rugby vs St John’s U14B 09:00 20min 12
2nd XI Hockey vs St John’s 2nd XI 09:00 6
U14A Rugby vs St John’s U14A 09:45 20min 12
U15B Rugby vs St John’s U15B 09:45 20min 13
2nd XI Soccer vs St John’s 2nd XI 10:00 7
U16B Rugby vs St John’s U16B 10:00 25min 14
1st XI Hockey vs St John’s 1st XI 10:30 6
U15A Rugby vs St John’s U15A 10:30 20min 13
U16A Rugby vs St John’s U16A 11:10 25min 11
1st XI Soccer vs St John’s 1st XI 11:30 7
3rd XV Rugby vs St John’s 3rd XV 12:20 30min 11
2nd XV Rugby vs St John’s 2nd XV 13:40 35min 11
1st XV Rugby vs St John’s 1st XV 15:00 35min 11