18 Jan 2013

College | Sixth Form Induction Ceremony

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We held our Sixth Form Induction Ceremony on Wednesday the 16th of January in the College Hall. The programme was as follows (photos below):

Master of Ceremonies: Tafadzwa Mugova (Deputy Headboy)



Order of Events

1. Welcome and Introduction – Tafadzwa Mugova
2. Reading and Prayer – Thomas Chadwick
3. Leadership – Justin Swan
4. Student Council Chairman – David de Jong
5. Headboy’s Address – Thomas Chadwick
6. 6th Form Deputy Headmaster – Mr N. Hovelmeier
7. Introduction to the Honour Code – Tafadzwa Mugova
8. Signing of the Honour Code The Lower 6th Form
9. School Song – All
10. Closing Prayer – Timothy Kirby

School Song
Sing it out St John’s, sing it loud and clear,
Sing it out for all to hear,
Past and present and those to be,
Steadfast in our loyalty.

All for one and one for all
Together we will stand or fall;
The men in green sing it loud and long
‘Dominus pastor’ is our song.

As we strive to give our all
For our country and our school,
We will hold our heads up high
And our banner proudly fly.

Statement of the Honour Code
As a student of the Sixth Form of St John’s College,
I pledge my honesty, academic integrity, sportsmanship and
loyalty to my school and my fellow Johannians.
I will show obedience, commitment and respect to
the College Code of Conduct and endeavour to act at all times
with the valour of a true gentleman.
Furthermore I will revere the good name of my school
and value all its institutions and traditions.

~ Honour Above All ~