26 Feb 2013

For the first time ever, the St John’s College Pipe Band will be competing in the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland (held every August).

The event has been operating regularly since 1930, when the Scottish Pipe Band Association (today known as the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association) was formed. For competitive bands, the title of World Champion is highly coveted, and this event is seen as the culmination of a year’s worth of preparation, rehearsal and practice.
The entirety of the World Championships takes place on two days in August, the current venue being Glasgow Green. Typically several hundred bands attend, traveling from all over the world. Competition commences at 9AM. Depending on the size of the grade – or in the case of Juvenile, where a band has not previously secured automatic qualification – bands are required to perform in a qualifying round which takes place in the morning. The top 16 bands at the end of the qualifying round play in a second event in the afternoon to determine the winner.

Band Members
Total: 17

1. Jonathan Whitaker
2. Jaawad White
3. Jason Foulkes
4. David Whitaker
5. Guy Ellis
6. Ross Scott-Riddell
7. Daan Post
8. Takudzwa Munyanyi
9. Munyaradzi Murapa

Pipe Tutor: Mr. J Kalonga

1. Sander Post
2. Taashira Chikosi
3. Phineas Chiketsani
4. Nicholas Khaminwa
5. Sean Ross
6. Daanyaal Kassim
7. Corey Blignaut
8. Tafara Mbizi

Drum Tutor: Mr. E Mabodo


Paul Warhurst
He Duan

Ellis Rothwell
Seth Jardine