27 Mar 2013

At the Science for Sustainable Development held at Chisipite Senior School on Friday the 22nd March, St John’s College was awarded the following prizes:

• Second Place to Form 3 Chemistry Class for their poster on The Oxygen Footprint. This poster was made by C. Chirara, S. Tapera, and R. Tsapayi.

• Special mention for posters by M. Sandys-Thomas, R. Hayter and Mr. Jirri’s Form 3 Chemistry class.

• Third Place to the Engineering Club which was presented by Marc Blake, Cameron Hume and Storm Allen of the 6th Form with help from the other Form 4 Engineers, Hassan Berry, Takudzwa Mahofa, Jeffrey Stanly, Parth Patel, Mayan Lad, Pranay Naik, Tafara Gowera, Takudzwa Munyanyi and Keyur Patel.