28 Jan 2016

Dear Parents

Some of you may be aware that our 1st Rugby Team is touring the UK in August and to this end we are publishing a magazine which will showcase the team and raise money for the tour. The magazine will be sold locally but copies will also go overseas with the boys for distribution to the schools and families that they visit. Great exposure, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Since it is our 30th Anniversary this year we would also like to highlight our school and feature its history and the many fantastic facilities on offer.  In addition we will feature articles about our amazing country which will be of interest to overseas people.

We are appealing for support, by way of advertising or sponsorship. You can sponsor a page for $100 and your sponsorship will be acknowledged on that page. If you wish to advertise or you know someone that we could appeal to then please contact any of the undersigned as soon as possible. We really would appreciate any assistance.

Another way in which you could help is by supplying any stories, anecdotes or memories you may have – either as an Old Johannian or as a parent of an OJ. Many people have passed through the corridors of our school and we would love to include any interesting or funny stories which may have happened along the way. The length of the story doesn’t matter.

The magazine will be a glossy, high class publication, printed by the same company that does our school magazine. We anticipate it being ready for distribution by the beginning of the second term so we need to get busy immediately.

We look forward to your support and appreciate any encouragement  in this venture.


Clare Garnett                                     Gill Harrison                                                        Heather Lovatt

clare@fdi.co.zw                                 willowbeancafe@gmail.com                            heatherlovatt@zol.co.zw

0772 605 321                                     0772 266 651                                                      0774 186 740