05 Dec 2012

The below L6 Geography students visited RIFA in the Zambezi Valley, as part of their syllabus objectives.

Dylan Bichard
Tom Chadwick
Chilowa Chilowa
Piers Clinton
Brendan Du Preez
Stuart Du Preez
Karl Fleiner
Rukudzo Gona
Henry Joscelyne
Hugh Joscelyne
Takudzwa Kasukuwere
Nicholas Khaminwa
Tim Kirby
Brandon Murray
Jason Murray
Tinashe Mutizwa
Nikhil Naik
Tadiwa Parirenyatwa
Chad Sinclair
Damien Wijers
Remi Zieve

Greeted by relatively cool weather, by Zambezi standards, the trip began with abandoning the bus and jumping on the back of a Land cruiser.  The program consisted of field studies ranging from river processes on the Zambezi and cliff processes on the Chipandaure cliffs.  In order to visit these sites the students embarked on long early morning and late afternoon walks.  The trek up to the Chirundu Hill was certainly ambitious but they all made it, despite getting lost on the way down.  The impala dissection was without a doubt a highlight and a lot of our boys could not believe what was before them.

The trip was a great success, filled with lots of learning and great humour.