25 Jan 2013

The Inter-Schools Quiz Competition for 2013 was held at St George’s College on Wednesday the 23rd of January 2013.

15 schools participated and St John’s College came first overall.

Congratulations to the team and their captain, Mufaro Mbudzi.


23 JANUARY 2013


Hellenic Academy/Peterhouse Boys 36 points
Churchill/St John’s College 32 points
Eaglesvale/St John’s High School 31 points
Convent 30 points
Peterhouse Girls 28 points
St George’s College/St   Ignatius/Prince Edward 24 points
Chisipite 23 points
Westridge High School 22 points
Heritage 20 points
Watershed College 16 points


St John’s College 53 points
Convent/St John’s High School 50 points
St Ignatius 49 points
St George’s College 48 points
Eaglesvale/Churchill/Prince Edward 43 points
Peterhouse Boys/Westridge High School 40 points
Chisipite 38 points
Hellenic Academy 37 points
Peterhouse Girls 30 points
Heritage 26 points
Watershed 22 points