04 Mar 2013

College | MUN Conference 2013

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Between the 28th of February and 2nd of March, the Model United Nations (MUN) society hosted its first inter-schools conference.The theme of the conference was “Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)” and each topic debated was centred around this idea. Present were 7 schools from around Harare: St. John’s, Chisipite, Hellenic, Harare International School, Prince Edward, Oriel Boys High and Dominican Convent.

Overall, we hosted 160 delegates over 3 days of stimulating debate – something which has not been accomplished by St. John’s MUN before. Conferences of this size are rarely pulled off in Zimbabwe, the largest being ZIMUN hosted by H.I.S. with 180 delegates. We are thus very proud of this achievement.

A representative from the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) was present at the opening ceremony and presented a speech to the assembly on the MDGs. The UNDP also donated a number of soccer balls, blankets and t-shirts to us, which we then donated to the Interact Society to distribute amongst various charities.

One of the society’s primary concerns is the development of Oriel’s MUN, hence we try to incorporate them into all of our functions, at minimal cost to themselves. Convent formally does not have an MUN society and thus, in order to help them create one, we invited their debating society and we are pleased to report that they caught on to the procedures in no time and a society is currently in the pipe-lines at Convent.

St. John’s MUN has emerged as the leading society in the country within just a few years, due to our development projects, recognition at international conferences and finally this year’s conference. We are delighted with this progress, and look forward to a fruitful future for SJCMUN.

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