01 Feb 2013

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The results were accessed on line at 12.10 GMT on 5th January 2013.

There were 40 diploma and retake candidates registered in this session with 318 subject entries. 33 candidates attained the full diploma, five candidates were awarded the certificate and the two retake candidates were not successful in upgrading their certificates to the full diploma.

This results in a 87% pass rate, with average points of 30 and a highest score of 39 achieved by Punit Patel.
The average grade achieved by the College by candidates who passed the diploma was 4.83.

Analysis of subject results

100% pass symbols A – D in Theory of Knowledge
100% pass in Extended Essay
A grades achieved in Extended Essays Visual Art (3) English (3) Chemistry (3) Business Management (1)
100% pass in English(HL/SL),French(HL/SL),Bus Man (HL/SL), Economics (HL),Environmental Systems (SL),History (HL/SL),Biology (SL),Chemistry (HL/SL), Physics (HL),Maths (HL/SL/Studies), Visual Art (SL).

Grade 7

English HL, Physics HL Wentao Zhai
Biology HL Kelly Stijkel, Caitlin Taylor
Chemistry HL Punit Patel

The results for those students who achieved the full diploma are solid with a good representation of Grades 6 – 5.

It is pleasing to note that the College grades compare favourably with World achievements.
Subject school average world average

English A1 SL 5.73 5.48
Bus Man HL 5.67 4.76
Environmental 5.13 4.41
History SL 5.00 4.55
Biology SL 4.47 4.10
Chemistry SL 5.00 4.69
Physics HL 5.43 5.03
Visual Art SL 6.00 4.48
Maths SL 4.55 4.58

As Coordinator I would like to thank most sincerely all teachers whose efforts contributed to these students’ achievements. Their support of the IB Diploma programme over the years of its tenure has been invaluable. In closing I wish the students every success in their future endeavours and urge them to build on the foundation that they have been afforded through the International Baccalaureate training.

Diana Hale
IB Coordinator