06 Nov 2014

College | Internal Examinations

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Internal Examinations

November 2014

Form One

Start: Monday 17 November.
End: Friday 21 November.

You must be at school from 7:15 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.

Form Two

To continue with normal lessons in the morning and extra curricula activities in the afternoon upon return from Quest.

Internal English examination on 14 November at 7.30 a.m.

Internal Mathematics examination on 14 November at 10.30 a.m.

Form Three

Start: Monday 10 November.
End: Friday 21 November.

You are expected at school only to write your examinations. You must arrive at school at least 30 minutes before your examination.
Before break starts at 7.30 a.m., after break starts at 10.50 a.m. and after lunch starts at 2.00 p.m. You can go home/stay at school to study either in the Library or Room 3 after your examination.

Sports and Clubs during Exams

All sports and clubs will be suspended during Internal Examinations.

Examination procedure for students

Every student must carry his examination materials in a CLEAR plastic bag. Nothing else must come into the room.
All students will write the examinations in school uniform and not sports kit. ETA kit also not acceptable.
Dress code, haircuts and shaving rules must be adhered to. A high standard of behaviour will be expected. All students must line up quietly in alphabetical order, outside the examination venue.

No cell phones are allowed in the examination room.Base rooms for examinations
You will write all your examinations in the following rooms.

Form Two is to continue with classes in these base rooms during the examination period.

17-Nov SCIENCE 07:30
17-Nov SHONA 10:45
18-Nov LANGUAGE 07:30
18-Nov MATHEMATICS P2 10:45
19-Nov GEOGRAPHY 10:45
20-Nov HISTORY 07:30
21-Nov MATHEMATICS P1 10:45
21-Nov MUSIC 07:30
21-Nov ART 10:45

10-Nov HISTORY P2 2H00 07:30
10-Nov ENG. LITERATURE 2H15 10:00
10-Nov PE 1H45 14:00
11-Nov ENGLISH LANGUAGE P1 2H00 07:30
11-Nov MATHEMATICS P2 2H30 10:45
11-Nov ECONOMICS P2 1H30 14:00
12-Nov CHEMISTRY P1&P6 1H45 07:30
12-Nov GEOGRAPHY P1 1H45 10:45
12-Nov BIOLOGY P1 0H45 14:00
13-Nov ART 2H00 07:30
13-Nov ART 2H00 10:45
13-Nov PHYSICS P1 0H45 14:00
14-Nov HISTORY P4 1H00 07:30
14-Nov ART 2H00 10:45
14-Nov ART 2H00 14:00
17-Nov ENGLISH LANGUAGE P2 2H00 07:30
17-Nov FRENCH P1 2H00 10:45
17-Nov BIOLOGY P6 1H00 14:00
18-Nov PHYSICS P2 1H15 07:30
18-Nov MATHEMATICS P1 1H30 10:45
18-Nov CHEMISTRY P3 1H15 14:00
19-Nov D&T 2H00 07:30
19-Nov BIOLOGY P3 1H15 10:45
19-Nov ECONOMICS P1 0H45 14:00
20-Nov ACCOUNTING 2H00 07:30
21-Nov ENTERPRISE 1H30 10:45
22-Nov ECONOMICS P1 0H45 14:00
21-Nov HISTORY P1 2H00 07:30
21-Nov GEOGRAPHY P2 1H30 10:45