09 Feb 2015

College | Headmaster’s Newsletter – 1st term 2015

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Dear Parents

School has been underway for almost a month already with half-term looming around the corner already!

The College has been incredibly busy, as always. Our new Form One boys have been successfully inducted and are settling into their somewhat unfamiliar environment satisfactorily. Those I have spoken to seem cheerful and engaged so that is good to see.

Thank you to those parents who attended our new parents’ evening. It was very enjoyable as we all had an opportunity to interact, however briefly.

Speaking of engaging, our theme for this term is ENGAGE. This means that we need to be mindful of the importance of being positive, of making a difference, of doing our best, of building relationships, of doing what is expected of us and doing it to the best of our abilities…

Dominus Pastor

William Annandale