07 Mar 2016

College | Form 4 Consultation

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Dear Parents of our Form 4 boys

A very important Teacher-Parent Consultation is scheduled for this Wednesday afternoon, 9th March, 1400-1630, in the School Hall.

This is a crucially important meeting as the IGCSE Mock Examinations are only four months away.

  1. If you feel it appropriate and more meaningful to have your son present with you at the Consultations, he needs to attend in No 1 dress. He needs to excuse himself from his time-tabled afternoon activities.
  2. Alternatively, please ask your son to give you a list of his subject teachers. Take this with you to the Hall and, with a seating plan which will be handed to you, this list will help you move around efficiently.
  3. If by any chance you cannot make this very important appointment, please find a close relative who can attend and jot down some feedback for you. Private consultations are very difficult to arrange afterwards.
  4. Tea/Coffee and light refreshments will be available during the course of the afternoon.