27 Jul 2017

Dear Parents of our Form 4 boys

Your son has just completed the Mock-IGCSE Examinations.

A crucially important feedback Teacher-Parent Consultation is scheduled for this Thursday afternoon, 27th July, 1400-1630, in the School Hall

  1. If you feel it appropriate and more meaningful to have your son present with you at the Consultations, he needs to attend in No 1 dress. He needs to excuse himself from his time-tabled afternoon activities.
  2. Alternatively, please ask your son to give you a list of his subject teachers. Take this with you to the Hall and, with a seating plan which will be handed to you, this list will help you move around efficiently.
  3. If by any chance you cannot make this very important appointment, please find a close relative who can attend and jot down some feedback for you. Private consultations are very difficult to arrange afterwards.
  4. Tea/Coffee and light refreshments will be available during the course of the afternoon.

Thank you and kind regards

Cav. C. Trinci O.M.R.I.