31 Mar 2014

College | Eisteddfod Results

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Advanced   Marimba Solos 
  1. Thobile Mawerera       1st Plus
  2. Tinotenda Chitambo   1st Plus


Advanced   Marimba Duet 
  1.   Thobile Mawerera  & Ngonidzashe Ngorima                       1st   Plus


Advanced   Marimba Trio 
  1. Ngonidzashe Ngorima, Thobile Mawerera & Tinotenda Chitambo



Marimba   Ensemble Beginner                                                                             1st  Plus
Marimba   Ensemble Intermediate                                                                       1st
Marimba   Ensemble Advanced                                                                           1st Plus
Vocal Solo   African Gospel: 16-18 years  Thobile MawereraHONOURS


Vocal Solo,   African Contemporary: 13-15 years  Emmanuel MagumiseHONOURS 


Vocal Solo,   African Contemporary: 16-18 years  Thobile MawereraHONOURS

Thobile   was selected to perform at the Prestigious N.I.A.A. Final Concert

Munesu Maminimini                    1st   Plus

Nyasha Madziva                            2nd




Vocal   Ensemble, African Gospel: Senior Schools                                                                   HONOURS
Choirs,   African Traditional: Senior Schools                                                                           HONOURS
Choirs,   African Gospel: Senior Schools                                                                                   HONOURS
Guitar Solo:   Grade 3  Nyasha Taranhike                          HONOURS 
Guitar Solo   Grade: 6  Christian Houggard                        HONOURS 
Wood wind   Solo: Grade 1  Sander Post                                     2ndByrom Rusch                                   2nd   plus


Wood wind   Solo: Grade 3  Tinotenda Chitambo                      2ndSamuel Tapera                                2nd  Plus
Wood wind   Solo: Grade 8 David Whitaker                               1st Plus
Bagpipe Solo:   Novice  John Rodriguez                                2ndNakai Chamba                                  2nd   Plus

Shahen Padayachee                        1st

Seth Lambourn                                1st Plus

Ziyaad White                                         2nd

Bagpipe Solo,   March: Junior  Daniel Pascoe                                      2ndShane Brown                                        2nd

Paul Warhurst                                      1st


Bagpipe Solo,   Strathspey & Reel: Junior  He’ Duan                                               2nd Plus 
Bagpipe Solo,   March: Open  Guy Ellis                                                   1stJason Foulkes                                        2nd plus


Bagpipe Solo,   Strathspey & Reel: Open  David Whitaker                                     1st   PlusMunyaradzi Murapa                            1st

Munyanyi Takudzwa                            1st


Bagpipe Solo,   Hornpipe & Jig Ross Scott-Riddell                                1st PlusDaan Post                                                HONOURS

Daan was awarded   the Best Solo Piper Trophy

Percussion   Solo Drum kit: Open  Modercai Chitsinde                             2nd 
Percussion   Solo Drum kit: Under 16  Makomborero Moyo                           2nd
Percussion   Solo, Snare drum: Novice  Seth Jardine                                          1st Sebstian Sheehan                                2nd

Troy Pertisie                                         2nd


Percussion Solo,   Snare drum: Junior  Sander Chikosi                                       1st   Taashira Chikosi                                    1st

Phineas Chiketsani                               2nd


Percussion   Solo, Tenor drum: Novice  Aiden Blignaut                                       1st   Duncan Declan                                      1st  

Nyasha Mkaronda                                2nd

Ellis Roth well

Percussion   Solo, Tenor drum: Junior  Corey Blignaut                                       1st   Sean Ross                                                 1st

Daanyaal Kassim                          HONOURS

Daanyaal   was awarded the Best Solo Scottish Drumming Trophy.


Percussion   Ensemble, Drum Corps: Open                                                                                             1st
Pipe and Drum   Band: Open                                                       A Band                                                  1st PlusRegardless   of the fact that the Pipe band A did not receive an Honours grade, they were   still selected to perform at the prestigious N.I.A.A Final Concert.

   B Band                                                    2nd Plus

Jazz   Ensemble: Senior School                                                                                                                  1st Plus
Vocal Solo,   Musicals: 12-13 years  Nyasha   Bosha                                                                                                                                  1st

Troy   Kadiki                                                                        

                                                           2nd Plus


Vocal Solo   Popular Contemporary: 16-21 years  Munesu Maminimini1st 

Thobile Mawerera

                                                                    1st   Plus


Vocal Solo,   Sacred Music: 16-21 years Munesu Maminimini                            3rd 
Vocal   Ensemble: Under 18       Form 4                   A  Cappella                                                                                                                                                             HONOURS

Sixth Form              A Cappella                                                                     



Choirs: Form 1 & 2 boys                                                                                                                                     2nd Plus
Choirs:   Senior Boys                                                                                                                                           HONOURS
Choirs:   Senior Mixed                                                                                                                                          HONOURS