08 Aug 2012

College | St John’s Sporting and Cultural Development Raffle

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Congatulations to the winners of the St. Johns College Sports and Cultural Raffle!

And here they are, as confirmed by the auditors:

1st : Toyota Vigo Smart Cab    Mr. E. Mugamu
2nd: Nissan Np200    Mr. V.Mangu
3rd: Generator    Mrs. D. Rorke
4th: 50 inch Plasma TV and Entertainment System   Mrs. S. Jellicoe
5th : Apple MacBook Pro   Mr. G. Booth
6th: Apple iPhone Mr. L. Mbizvo
7th: Apple iPad    Mr. A. Mandiwanza
8th: Apple iPod    Mrs. G. Bema
Incentive prizes for students:

1st: Apple MacBook Pro    C.Bond 4E  (5 complete books sold)
2nd: Apple iPhone  D. Hoffman U6C    (4 complete books sold)
3rd: Apple iPad     T. Chadwick   L6E    (4 complete books sold)
4th: Apple iPod   T. Fundira      2W       (3 full books and 20 tickets sold)
5th: $250 Shoe Shack voucher  D. Ndoro 1E (3 full books sold)
6th: $250 Shoe Shack voucher  M. Zographos  L6E (2 full books and 17 tickets sold)

As most of you are aware this exercise was the best way that we had, of seeking to spread the burden of making things better for ourselves. The College will now benefit from your commitment in the form of upgrading and replacing sporting equipment as well as making a contribution towards replacing equipment used in the musical and performing arts departments.

We thank you all for your tireless support with this fundraiser.