09 Mar 2012

2012 National Institute of Allied Arts – Eisteddfod Results

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Please find below an update of this week’s Eisteddfod Results.  This week the focus was mainly on Ethnomusicology, as will be the first part of next week.  Please note that the actual marks will only be available later in the Festival or afterwards.

This year we have managed to secure an impressive 2 out of 5 spots available in the much contested Marimba Challenge. This challenge will be held on Friday 9th March at the Prince Edward School basketball courts at 2pm. The winner of this challenge will be crowned the nation’s Best Marimba Ensemble of the Year and will walk away with the much coveted Marimba Challenge Cup. 

Grading Guidline
Honors 90 – 100%
1st Plus 85 – 89%
1st 80 – 84%
2nd Plus 75 – 79%
2nd 70 – 74%
3rd 60 – 3-69%
Ungraded Below 60%


Category Candidate Result Actual Mark
Advanced Marimba Ensembles SJC Senior Band Honors  
  SJC Form 3 Band Honors  
Advanced Marimba Trios N Tutani, M Tutani, T Mugova Honors  
Advanced Marimba Duets N Tutani, M Tutani  1st Plus  
  T Mugova, B Masekesa 1st Plus  
Advanced Marimba Solos N Tutani 1st    
  M Tutani 1st Plus  
  T Mugova   1st Plus  
Vocal Solo, African Contemporary N Chimbetete Honors